Adam Green analyses the legacy of George H.W. Bush on Red Ice TV

F. William Engdahl on The Boiling Frogs: The New World Order on the rise

This second installment of the New World Order series on The Boiling Frogs welcomes F. William Engdahl, freelance journalist, historian, and economic researcher. His main field of expertise lies in geopolitics, and with more specific activities such as the oil industry, drug trade, etc. Mister Engdahl comments extensively in this podcast on the « Arab Spring » and passes into review geopolitical hotspots such as Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Xinjiang Province, Afghanistan, Libya and others. William Engdahl touches on other dimensions such as the concept of « Full Spectrum Dominance » put forward by the Department of Defense of the U.S., the three things that an empire has to control in order to master the world (oil, food and money), population reduction plans manufactured by the ruling elite and the twisted concept of « totalitarian democracy ». Great interview.

William Engdahl

The problem is Islam – by Wafa Sultan, or how Muhammad created a political system that will destroy the whole world

So, what were we telling you since a couple of years? That it is Islam the problem, not the Arabs per se, not radical Islam, not political Islam, not wahhabism nor anything else. Now these statements, which were qualified as islamophobic, are corroborated by a Muslim woman from Syria. Yes, Islam is the problem. Muhammad, this great individual, was an unliterate. He was a killer and probably a psychopath. He married his second wife when she was 6 years old… Yes, you got me right. He was a pedophile, to express it in western terms. Listen to Wafa Sultan, a Syrian woman, explain how she got tired of Islam and its lies. She calls you to stand up and fight back against this « religion of love and peace » because it might be the greatest threat that the world has ever faced. Islam has a power of corruption never seen before in our world, and unfortunately our leaders seem to be complicit in allowing all these Muslims, who are in fact infiltraters, to come over to America and Europe to pervert and force the local populations into submission. Thank you New World Order, you have screwed us all.