Entrevue avec Robert F. Kennedy Jr sur The Ron Paul Liberty Report

Entrevue de haut niveau avec Robert F. Kennedy Jr où ce dernier parle librement de son expérience personnelle en tant que membre de la famille Kennedy, qui a été marquée par plusieurs drames. Fort de cette expérience, il critique la réponse gouvernementale au Coronavirus et aborde le dossier de la vaccination.

G. Edward Griffin sur la montée du collectivisme

Excellente entrevue avec G. Edward Griffin sur le collectivisme. Entre autres sujets, l’auteur aborde ici l’imposture de la fracture Gauche-Droite. Cette division savamment entretenue par les élites chez les partisans politiques sert évidemment à saboter tout effort de réel changement social. Elle ne reflète pas la complexité des sociétés humaines. Les partis politiques se réclamant de la fracture Gauche-Droite servent donc davantage en fait à maintenir le statu quo qu’à faire avancer les sociétés humaines. Griffin aborde une plénitude de sujets divers qu’il amène pour exemplifier ou documenter son analyse de la montée de la tyrannie collectiviste.

Mitt Romney: The art and science of corporatism at its finest

Here are two articles that deal with Mitt Romney’s business shenanigans. They demonstrate without a doubt that he doesn’t seem to have any moral standards whatsoever in regard to protecting workers from the ongoing economical crisis. Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact. Mitt Romney has made in the past a profession of « flipping companies ». However, concretely, what he was really doing was to squeeze companies out of productivity, profit, investment and long-term viability. The companies he « flipped » inevitably went bankrupt, providing him with large profits in the process. Mitt Romney’s philosophy in the domain of business is simple. It can be coined as « corporatism », a doctrine that makes the corporation the center of all human life and society, with the notion of profit as its ultimate ideal. Nothing has to stand between the corporation, its leaders, and profit. Profit becomes its own finality. Going further, we have to realize that corporatism is the very essence of the nazi philosophy. In effect, once nazism has been ridden of the holocaust, the eugenics experiments, concentration camps and other of its external manifestations, its very core remains its economical philosophy, corporatism. The fantastic work of Edwin Black presented in his book IBM and the Holocaust gives a clear sense of how the nazi philosophy was in fact something really practical. For more information on this, check this earlier post or this post by radio host and antifascist researcher Dave Emory. If Romney wins the Rebublican Nomination and the Presidency and if he ever applies this philosophy during his mandate, we can say goodbye to the middle class and to unions. He will send the economy spiralling down, and the U.S. will never recover. For myself, I have already stated that my choice for the Republican Nominee was Newt Gingrich. I stand by it. These articles are very revealing of the true nature of Romney’s candidacy. Please take the time to check them out. The third article explores connections between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

The “Bain” of American Wage Earners: Romney’s Way

Romney on Board: Marriott accused of cheating clients on his watch

Nazi-Linked Pied Piper Ron Paul: All Roads Lead to Romney

Do you still doubt Ron Paul is a fascist? Really?

It would take hours to analyze everything in that article by Daria DiGiovanni. Basically, I agree with it. In a nushell, what you have to understand is that in all likelihood Ron Paul is the media spearhead of the very system, establishment or cabal he is supposedly denouncing. He is a fascist, disguised as a libertarian democrat. Listen to his arguments. They all tend to make you doubt about your own government and its institutions. Who would benefit from that? Those who want to overthrow that same government… Ron Paul can’t be taken seriously because he is working to abolish democracy itself.

Tin Foil Returns for 2012