G. Edward Griffin sur la montée du collectivisme

Excellente entrevue avec G. Edward Griffin sur le collectivisme. Entre autres sujets, l’auteur aborde ici l’imposture de la fracture Gauche-Droite. Cette division savamment entretenue par les élites chez les partisans politiques sert évidemment à saboter tout effort de réel changement social. Elle ne reflète pas la complexité des sociétés humaines. Les partis politiques se réclamant de la fracture Gauche-Droite servent donc davantage en fait à maintenir le statu quo qu’à faire avancer les sociétés humaines. Griffin aborde une plénitude de sujets divers qu’il amène pour exemplifier ou documenter son analyse de la montée de la tyrannie collectiviste.

Mais qu’est-ce qu’attendent donc les Républicains pour destituer Obama?

Les affaires s’accumulent contre Barack Obama. Fraude liée à Obamacare, plaintes contre lui devant les tribunaux pour support au terrorisme, persécution de ses adversaires politiques, trahison dans l’affaire de Benghazi (11septembre 2012), rejet des valeurs américaines et judéo-chrétiennes, tout y passe. Mais la vraie question demeure celle-ci: Qu’est-ce qu’attendent donc les Républicains pour le destituer?

Barack Obama et son frère Malik dans l’oeil du cyclone. Plaintes déposées à leur encontre devant les Cours Pénales d’Egypte et de la Haye

Dans l’Amérique d’Obama, l’Armée considère les Chrétiens évangéliques et le Tea Party comme des menaces terroristes

Who are the REAL extremists: The tea party or Obama and the New Democrats?

L’entrevue qui suit avec McCarthy se trouve au premier segment:

Andy McCarthy sur Secure Freedom Radio

Republican Reverse Robbing Hoods, part II: The Koch brothers caught pants down

Peter B. Collins receives Brad Friedman of BradBlog.com with groundbreaking news. Friedman succeeded to get access to a recording of the Summer Seminar organized by the Koch brothers in 2011 in Vail, Colorado. An anonymous source who participated in this activity taped key portions of this Seminar, featuring both Charles and David Koch, Governor Chris Christie and Judge Napolitano, and provided Brad Friedman with the recording. Friedman posted the complete audio and transcript of it on his blog and released the story as well to Mother Jones publication. Well, the revelations of this recording are so juicy and crusty. While listening to this tape, we have the « pleasure » of hearing Charles Koch referring curiously to Saddam Hussein while he speaks about defeating Obama, David Koch talking about Governor Chris Christie as « my kind of guy », speakers describing how the rich are the victims of an evil Obama, and how Democrats have been stupid (I agree with that statement!) to accept cuts in social programs and the social safety net, etc. Overall, you will hear a bunch of ultra-rich potentates showing absolutely no respect for the poor and the people who suffer in the lower classes. After years of constant attacks and attempts to rob and crush the poor and the middle class in the U.S. during the Bush Administration, a « second wave » is now under way with these neo-extreme-right activists, who for the most part stay in the shadows, well hidden behind the Tea Party useful fools. But now they have been masterfully exposed and showed for what they trully are by this anonymous inside source and by investigative journalist Brad Friedman. I have joined the podcast of Brad Friedman’s interview with Peter B. Collins, some of the related articles published on Mother Jones, and the integral audio files and transcripts of the recording of the Summer Seminar, posted on BradBlog.com. Excellent work, guys! Excellent anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory has been working as well on the Koch brothers case for some time. In particular, FTR #726 is of great interest to get acquainted more with these shadowy figures of American politics. What the Koch brothers are proposing to America leads directly to fascism. In effect, their machinations and use of the Tea Party clearly intends to repel the New Deal implemented by Roosevelt to replace it by something that would go along the lines of Mussolini’s Corporate State. Also, to read another example of Republican Reverse Robbing Hooding that I covered in a previous article, click here.

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Right-wing useful fools: When Tea Partiers become Tea Baggers

There is something I have got to tell you concerning the financial crisis in the U.S. I am tired of hearing that it is Obama’s fault for this, Obama’s fault for that, and so on. Right-wing activists, Tea Partiers and the like, are always quick to blame the Left and what they call the « liberals » and/or Democrats for everything that happens in their country. If you use your intelligence and discernment, you can see obviously that things are not that simple. Obama didn’t create the debt nor the deficit. They were there when he took office, but somehow Tea Partiers seem not to remember that. They talk about Obama as if he would have taken the country with no debt and no deficit at all and brought them to their present levels. When they speak, and I know that at first hand because I have people like that in my proximity, all they have to say involve the Left and the liberals…but the Right has nothing to do with anything. Overall, they have a rather positive opinion of George W. Bush while he contributed greatly to the U.S. debt by creating the war in Irak out of nothing with its huge spending budget, with the only intention of wrecking the U.S. economy. Check this post for more details about that.

I am a liberal democrat. I have never hidden it. I defend the interests of the Center of the political spectrum and believe me, from here, I can see that there are as many fools on the Right side than there are on the Left side. So please, give me a break with your scapegoating of Obama. You are not Tea Partiers but rather Tea Baggers. You take the mantle of patriotism and truth, but in the end, what you do amounts to treason because you are creating the very conditions by which the destruction of the U.S. will come, destruction that supposedly you are trying to avoid. Hypocritically, you are doing exactly what you are pretending trying to have the country avoid. I suggest that you read one of Dave Emory’s latest blog entry, in which he puts some meat around the bone on that subject. I also suggest that you read all the comments that people have posted on it. Think about it. Reality is a complex thing. I also join a newspaper article by Kelly McParland that analyses the situation and gives the same diagnosis.

Dave Emory on S&P downgrade

Kelly McParland

The debt ceiling debate: terrorist rhetoric or the end of the niceties?

In a recent article, Globe and Mail’s Neil Reynolds expressed his astonishment and perhaps even sadness as regards to the rhetoric that has been employed during the debt ceiling debate in the U.S. After presenting an almost exhaustive list of people in the media who displayed language using the « terrorist » label, he concludes the article by saying that democracy would never have come into existence in the first place with such behavior, calling it « preposterous and shameful ». Although I appreciate the sentiment that he is showing here, I am not sure that it is the proper thing that has to been understood. For me, this language is rather the expression of a « five-minutes-to-midnight » feeling where suddenly, in the face of an impending catastrophy and collapse, people abandon the niceties because there is no point keeping them anymore. A lot of folks in the Tea Party and the Republican Party want the destruction of the United States. One doesn’t need to be an expert to see that. Democrats who used to be skeptics or who didn’t want to face reality now have no longer the choice. One can deny the building is on fire, but once the flames are up to your ass, it’s another pair of sleeves, or pants if you prefer. The rhetoric of the Democrats and liberals, although unusual, is accurate and appropriate for people who start to see things as they are. If Democrats and liberals don’t do something really fast to take back control of this country, it will collapse and Balkanize. What we have to understand here is that because something is cute, it doesn’t make it right necessarily, and on the opposite, because something is repulsive at face value, it doesn’t make it wrong automatically. I think good judgement is always necessary. Democrats are awakening to the impending catastrophy. I just wish it is not too late. As a means of enriching the discussion, I propose John Moore’s analysis of the situation in a recent edition of the National Post. I think that he has a rather fair assessment of right-wing activists, or purits as the calls them, in the U.S.

John Moore on right-wing in the U.S.

Republicans strengthen right-wing Jihad against the poor, leftists, liberals and anyone who don’t think like them

Well, well, well… Look at what we got here… These days, in Wisconsin, there is literally a vendetta against unions to finish off any capacity from the poorest segment of the population of our so-called « democratic » countries to organize and defend themselves against the sharks and wolves of the ultra-rich. Many Republicans perceive unions as being « socialist ». Really? But… haven’t they read the Gospel, where Jesus is presented as somebody who shares with, gives and help his brothers? How this sacred Jihad against unions is in any way compatible with the most basic principles of social-democracy, liberalism, which is based on the Gospel? It is not. And you know why? Because it is just another deception, a mascarade to hide the pro-fascist agenda of the Republican Party. Republicans want to destroy the middle class and with it, social-democracy itself. That‘s what they are trying to do.

You want another example? Take this story about Ron Schiller, Foundation President at the National Public Radio network. It appears that he has been set up by a right-wing activist, James O’Keefe, a specialist of these matters apparently who, among other targets, helped to destroy the credibility of ACORN. O’Keefe sent two of his accomplices, Shaughn Adeleye and Simon Templar (we can bet that is not his real name either…) to pose as members of a phony Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Muslim Education Action Center. During this highly edited interview, we can hear and see Schiller, among other things, making negative comments on the Tea Party and the Republican Party. O’Keefe then posted the hidden-camera video on Youtube, which led to a media scandal and the firing of chief executive Vivian Schiller, no relation with the other. Evidently, taken out of context, the different comments Schiller made sound rather unacceptable for an executive. But O’Keefe hasn’t provided us yet with the unedited version of the interview, which I guess would be revealing. But I think we can assume that we will never have the chance to see the integral of the recording…

NPR is getting accustomed to conservative harassment. In the 1990s and in 2005, similar attempts were made on them. These recent attacks are part of a global strategy from the Republicans to cut off on « federal spending », which is only a pretext to cease all kinds of social measures and programs that help the poor and the middle class in the U.S. Last month, a bill was passed in the House of Representatives that would end funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports NPR. Frankly, this O’Keefe is a manipulator and a right-wing biggot. I provide you here with an article and the videos that O’Keefe made available on Youtube on this story. In the first one, you will be able to judge for yourself how edited it is and how it cannot have any credibility whatsoever for that reason. Not knowing the general context in which these comments were made, one cannot induce an interpretation like O’Keefe does. But it doesn’t matter for the Republican Party. They are after the poor and the middle class and they are ready to crush everyone on their path.


Hate is coming to Orange County? What about the desire to resist and fight back?

You know what? I like it… I know, it is not beautiful, not sexy, not elegant, not « mesured » or « moderate » but I like it, because it expresses finally these emotions that for political correctness, relativism of values and mutliculturalism we have suppressed for so long. We have to fight back against what is clearly an invasion of our space and life. Islamic militants promote a barbaric philosophy that, if allowed to flourish, will make humans de-evolve to barbarians. We have to rise and fight against these people, even if it is not cute.