Joe Imbriano conference about 5G wireless radiation, followed by an interview with Jeff Rense

Please watch this very interesting conference by Joe Imbriano of the Fullertoninformer about 5G wireless radiation. The core of the presentation consists of an exploration of the possibility that the use of wireless communication, involving radio-frequencies, millimeter waves and microwaves may be aimed at sterilizing the Earth’s population, to comply with the agenda of the United Nations and other groups or institutions. Among very interesting facts Imbriano presents to his audience, we can see on display architectural designs of Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, that strangely resemble the shape of a human egg. Imbriano points out effectively that smartphones, laptops and tablets are very often held close to the genitals. In the case of smartphones, it is even worse since a lot of people place them in the back pocket of their pants when they are not using it. So the genitals and other vital organs unfortunately absorb a great quantity of radiation which may lead to infertility and other health problems. The second video is an interview that Imbriano gave to Jeff Rense on the same subjects.

G. Edward Griffin sur les similarités existant entre le socialisme, le communisme et le fascisme

Les systèmes politiques non-totalitaires obéissent à un certain nombre de principes de base comme par exemple le respect des droits de l’homme, le respect de l’individu contre la suprématie du groupe, la défense de la liberté et de l’égalité, le respect de la propriété privée, etc. En gros, un état démocratique consacrera son énergie à la protection de la vie, de la liberté et de la propriété de ses citoyens. Tout autre forme d’organisation politique sera forcément autoritaire ou totalitaire. Cette conférence s’est déroulée dans le cadre de l’événement Fatima: the Path To Peace.