Entrevue avec la docteure Carrie Madej sur l’agenda transhumaniste et la vaccination pour la covid-19

La docteure Carrie Madej a été impliquée dans un accident d’avion récemment. Heureusement, elle s’en est sortie. Espérons qu’on pourra la revoir très bientôt en entrevue.

Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits about vaccines, on National File

Le film Vaxxed: L’histoire d’horreur des enfants qui ont reçu le vaccin pour la rougeole

Dans ce film, vous pourrez voir et entendre le témoignage de beaucoup de parents qui ont tous la même histoire à raconter. Leurs enfants étaient en santé, heureux et enjoués, jusqu’au jour où ils les ont fait vacciner pour la rougeole. Les enfants ont reçu le vaccin MMR, ont eu des effets secondaires sévères et sont devenus autistiques. C’est vraiment écoeurant de voir que l’on peut traiter des enfants avec autant de cruauté. Les images que vous pourrez voir sont vraiment tristes et inacceptables. En ce qui concerne le Québec, il est évident que le Premier Ministre Legault devra bien réfléchir avant d’imposer le vaccin obligatoire pour la Covid-19. Ce sera, de toute évidence, la décision la plus importante de son mandat. Son oeuvre politique sera probablement jugée selon cette décision. Quant à moi, une seule décision s’impose: laisser le libre choix. La santé est trop précieuse.

E. Michael Jones presents the religion of Greta Thunberg, on Red Ice TV

The movie Take Back Your Power, about the dangers of ‘smart’ meters

We are governed by very dangerous individuals. They impose on the people technologies that are very harmful to nature, to animals and to humans. They impose on us not only vaccines that may give cancer but also electromagnetic devices that may cause all kind of health problems on top of cancer itself, as if it wasn’t bad enough already. During WWII, in Germany and Italy, we saw the merging of the state with corporations, in a political philosophy that we called ‘fascism’. The system that we have today is a lot worse than fascism, since now it is the corporations that run the show and the governments simply move along. Whatever the corporations decide is good enough for the state. So as long as something is profitable, as long as there is a gravy train to ride, the corporations will push it and the governments, for the sake of elections, expediency or competition, will simply rubber-stamp it to show off some success to the public. There is a lot of very good material presented in that movie. Among the many highlights, a few ones deserve our immediate attention. Around 40:30 minutes in the documentary, Dr David O. Carpenter very astutely comments that the problem with the smart meters is not really that they communicate with the electric utilities. We are told that it happens only a few times an hour. The real problem, he says, is that smart meters generate radio-frequency fields and that those fields are created almost continuously. In other terms, the danger with the smart meters comes not from the signal itself that is going out of the meters but rather from the fields surrounding them. Around 45 minutes and 49 minutes, some of the health effects recorded by scientists are shown in relation with the strength of the signal. Around 55 minutes, Dr Frank H. Springob describes the effects of exposure to a smart meter in the blood cells of human subjects. Around 57:30 minutes, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt presents the results of a study that shows that there is a link between microwave radiation and autism. Please take the time to watch that terrific movie and spread the word about the danger of radio-frequency radiation.

Joe Imbriano conference about 5G wireless radiation, followed by an interview with Jeff Rense

Please watch this very interesting conference by Joe Imbriano of the Fullertoninformer about 5G wireless radiation. The core of the presentation consists of an exploration of the possibility that the use of wireless communication, involving radio-frequencies, millimeter waves and microwaves may be aimed at sterilizing the Earth’s population, to comply with the agenda of the United Nations and other groups or institutions. Among very interesting facts Imbriano presents to his audience, we can see on display architectural designs of Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, that strangely resemble the shape of a human egg. Imbriano points out effectively that smartphones, laptops and tablets are very often held close to the genitals. In the case of smartphones, it is even worse since a lot of people place them in the back pocket of their pants when they are not using it. So the genitals and other vital organs unfortunately absorb a great quantity of radiation which may lead to infertility and other health problems. The second video is an interview that Imbriano gave to Jeff Rense on the same subjects.