Ken Pereira analyse les retombées des élections présidentielles américaines

Cette vidéo a été enregistrée le 10 novembre 2020 et elle est toujours d’actualité.

Ken Pereira analyse le déploiement de la Grande Réinitialisation et la montée de la Chine

Dans cet entretien de haute qualité avec l’animateur André Pitre, Ken Pereira présente ses impressions sur la réalité de la Grande Réinitialisation. Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec l’analyse qu’il fait ici. Voici les grandes lignes. Nos élites dirigeantes ne veulent plus s’embarrasser avec la démocratie et les droits et libertés des citoyens. Ils ont créé de toutes pièces, voilà un siècle déjà, une dictature à leur image, l’Allemagne Nazie, pour satisfaire leurs fantasmes de domination et réaliser leur utopie totalitaire. Ce pays totalitaire leur a permis d’atteindre certains objectifs utiles. Mais nous connaissons tous l’histoire. Comme l’Allemagne Nazie a perdu la guerre, les élites qui l’avaient créée ont dû mettre leur plans sur la glace le temps qu’ils puissent mettre au point une nouvelle plateforme pour faire avancer leur projet, et cette nouvelle plateforme, c’est la Chine. Depuis 1949, les mondialistes ne cessent de tirer les ficelles pour que ce pays croisse et devienne une grande puissance. Selon eux, en 2020, ce pays est maintenant prêt à devenir la 1ère puissance mondiale. Et la Grande Réinitialisation, avec la pandémie de Covid-19 qui en est le prétexte, représente justement pour ces élites le moment où ils vont consacrer la Chine dans ce rôle et cette position et tasser les États-Unis sur les marges. À voir absolument.

Quatrième partie de la série de vidéos sur Bill Gates, par le Corbett Report

Vous pourrez voir les trois premières parties de cette série en consultant cet article précédent.

Joe Imbriano conference about 5G wireless radiation, followed by an interview with Jeff Rense

Please watch this very interesting conference by Joe Imbriano of the Fullertoninformer about 5G wireless radiation. The core of the presentation consists of an exploration of the possibility that the use of wireless communication, involving radio-frequencies, millimeter waves and microwaves may be aimed at sterilizing the Earth’s population, to comply with the agenda of the United Nations and other groups or institutions. Among very interesting facts Imbriano presents to his audience, we can see on display architectural designs of Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, that strangely resemble the shape of a human egg. Imbriano points out effectively that smartphones, laptops and tablets are very often held close to the genitals. In the case of smartphones, it is even worse since a lot of people place them in the back pocket of their pants when they are not using it. So the genitals and other vital organs unfortunately absorb a great quantity of radiation which may lead to infertility and other health problems. The second video is an interview that Imbriano gave to Jeff Rense on the same subjects.

Alex Jones analyses Apple’s moves to please communist China

I always thought that Apple was different from the ‘other’ Big Tech companies. I thought that, since their machines are difficult to hack, are more secure, more stable, they were on our side…Maybe I was wrong. In this video, Alex Jones brings some interesting facts about Apple that should raise a few red flags, so to speak. The company seems to become more and more friendly with communist China and they are not alone. We know that Google has adapted some of it practices and technologies to please the power elite in China, such as the development of a search engine that will allow the government to censor what people can see and find. Also, communist China has begun implementing a system of ‘social credit score’ by which individuals are rated in society in regard to everything they might say or do. These moves by Big Tech companies such as Apple and Google are frightening. They are showing that they are beginning to act as if China was the new number one superpower of the world. One wonders if they consider themselves de facto ‘Chinese’ companies now. They certainly behave as if they were. Tim Cook utilizes the word ‘curate’ during interviews to describe Apple’s mission. Alex Jones brings the proximity of that word with the word ‘cauterize’, which is very interesting and relevant. It seems that the CEOs of our Big Tech companies have capitulated to the communist Chinese. I don’t know if Tim Cook is the most dangerous living person in the world but the facts that are brought here are very frightening and don’t bode well for the future. After the video, you will find an article by Gordon Chang summarizing the rise of totalitarianism in China.

Gordon Chang: China’s ‘Digital’ Totalitarian Experiment

The future of social media, regulation and our rights in the electronic age…

This week’s shooting at Youtube was certainly a very tragic and sad event. Curiously, the media has not talked about it a lot, for reasons that are still unclear. Personally, to the contrary, I think that this very sad event presents us with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the ways to take back control of the steering wheel of our numerous electronic platforms and devices.

So let me plunge right in by saying that Big Tech companies have gone way too far in the way they handle our personal information, in the way they are tracking us 24/7 and in the way they treat their «users». Since these companies are american ones, it is the responsibility of the U.S. government to make sure that they comply with the most basic values and principles of the United States. That is why I think that the time has come to give these Big Tech companies the status of public utilities, in the same category as the phone, the gas and the electricity. Electronic services have become so entrenched in our lives that now it is impossible for anyone to live and function without them. I know that President Trump is not keen on regulation. However, there are circumstances where regulation is the only solution. Social media and internet companies are absolutely incapable of minding their own stores. They don’t have the discipline, the clear-eye that is necessary to do that and most especially, until now, they had a de facto carte blanche to do whatever they wanted. This has got to stop. Presently, this is the far west in the world of electronics. Anything goes. Regulation seems to me like the only solution because, if we wait for these companies to come with some sort of arrangement, they never will.

There are two things absolutely essential for me that are in order to rule this problem. First of all, Big Tech companies would have to be obliged, by law, to conform their policies, behavior, contracts, platforms to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Their «Terms of Use» and «Privacy Policy» documents would have to say that explicitly. Presently, with the current arrangement, we have lost all privacy and our data is shared with anybody without our knowledge. Their documents, in their current form, could easily be renamed «Terms of Misuse» and «Invasion of your Privacy Policy». To start with, these documents are written in a legal language that is evasive for most people. It is gibberish for the common man so even if we actually read them, there is nothing we can understand. Most of the terms present in these contracts are vague, undefined and the language used in general remains meaningless for most of us who are not used to legal writing. What the common man needs is a document that can be read easily with precise terms and formulated in a way that make sure that the person understands what he/she agrees to. In the current situation, most of internet users have absolutely no idea to what they have agreed to by accepting the «Terms of Use» and «Privacy Policy». If they had understood what these contracts were really implying legally, maybe they would have decided not to use one or several of these platforms. To give just an example, there is always a paragraph in these documents that says that the company may share some information with «third parties». Well…could we have the list of these «third parties»? They are not mentioned by name, so how the hell are we supposed to agree on «terms of use» if we don’t know who will handle our information?

The other thing is what I would call the burden of proof. Presently, the burden of proof is on the shoulders or the «users». Users have to behave in a way that is more and more in line with political correctness, diversity and the agenda of the Left in general. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google/Youtube, Apple can terminate your account or your monetization at any time arbitrarily for any reason and you can’t appeal their decision. They have the absolute power over you…because their services are free. Users don’t pay for the service so they are at the complete mercy of these companies and their will. In a normal business relationship, the burden of proof is on the shoulders of the service provider, the company, and it has to please its clientele, which are called not «users» but «customers». The words we use are important. If you are a customer a service provider will have no other choice but to respect your rights and give you satisfaction if the company wants to keep your monthly fee coming in every month. That’s why it is imperative that we start paying for the use of these platforms. It is only this way that we will ever be respected. If millions of people give, let’s say, 25 dollars a month each for their Facebook, Google, Twitter or Apple accounts, it is unlikely that these corporations would suspend or terminate any accounts because there is language used that is not politically correct or opinions that are not approved. They would simply keep going and let the police handle the very heavy cases. Also, the status of public utilities given to these companies would also protect customers against arbitrary decisions to cancel or suspend accounts. Of course, they could still terminate accounts for non-payment but in order to terminate accounts for other reasons, it is reasonable to envision that would be required by law to present their case before a judge in a court of law in order to protect the rights of the customers. And obviously, everything that I have said above also apply to smartphones, since they connect to the internet and record a great quantity of information on theirs users.

You must have heard many times the popular expression that says that «he who pays calls the shots». It was true ten thousand years and it is still true today. Since a couple of years, we have seen a number of conservative voices, bloggers and activists being censored, de-platformed, demonetized, etc. It would never have happened if they had been customers instead of just «users» and, on top of that, it would never have been possible in the first place if the companies had been required, by law, to abide by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as I have said above. How the protections granted by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights could be extended to citizens living outside the U.S. will certainly be a very difficult and long legal challenge. Because, in the current situation, it is too easy for the totalitarian states of the world to use our Big Tech companies against us. We are defenseless since these corporations have adopted a business model that makes them perfect tools to attack and undermine our societies. Why should these Big Tech companies do dirty tricks on behalf of China, Russia, North Korea while they could defend and uphold our values and civilization instead? It is not the communists and the terrorists who are kicked out of social media. It is the conservatives and right-wingers. Don’t you see what is going on? I will leave you will a short video of Project Veritas, the fourth part of the Twitter series. It last only two minutes but it says it all.

Entrevue avec Pierre Jovanovic sur la situation économique de la Grèce

L’entrevue date de la fin de l’année 2012 mais elle est toujours d’actualité. Jovanovic s’est trompé sur l’issue de la dernière élection générale, alors qu’il voyait le parti de l’Aube Dorée l’emporter. Comme nous le savons, c’est le parti Syriza qui a gagné les dernières élections. Mais ce n’est pas bien grave, ce qui compte, c’est la substance de l’analyse. Le journaliste économique fait ici le bilan d’un voyage en Grèce qu’il a effectué récemment et il témoigne comment celui-ci lui a donné le sens de la réalité des choses. Les travailleurs grecs ont vu leur salaire être coupés de 30%, ce qui, dans les faits, se traduit aussi par une baisse de la puissance économique du pays dans les mêmes proportions. Les conséquences sont catastrophiques alors que le chômage atteint des proportions record, que les entreprises peinent à faire leur frais et que les fleurons locaux de l’économie sont rachetés depuis l’étranger. Jovanovic lance aussi l’avertissement que ce qui se passe en Grèce aujourd’hui va se passer dans d’autres pays européens très bientôt, y compris la France, puisque ce sont les mêmes indicateurs qui sont au rouge. Les mesures d’austérité aggravent la crise qu’elles sont sensées régler. Pour lui, la Grèce est un laboratoire permettant à l’élite financière européenne et mondiale de voir les réactions de l’effondrement total d’une société européenne. Les États-Unis surveillent la situation de près puisque la construction européenne et l’euro servent leurs intérêts économiques et politiques. Parmi les principaux conseils qu’il donne pour se protéger de la crise mondiale qui s’annonce, avec l’effondrement des systèmes bancaire et monétaire, il y a, évidemment, le fait de ne pas laisser d’argent dans les banques et de plutôt acheter de l’or ou de l’argent. Plusieurs autres sujets sont abordés. À voir.