Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits about vaccines, on National File

Interview with Dr Judy Mikovits about the corruption in the medical establishment in the U.S.

In this great interview, Dr Judy Mikovits says a lot of very interesting things about the real life in the medical industry in the U.S. She talks about vaccines, the Coronavirus, the corruption in the medical industry and also says a few words about Dr Anthony Fauci, the current Coronavirus guru at the White House. A must watch!

Dr Francis Boyle: The Coronavirus is a bio weapon, on Infowars

Dr Francis Boyle speaks here in these two interviews about the Coronavirus. According to him, the Coronavirus is a biowarfare weapon that leaked accidentally from the famous BSL-4 laboratory in Wuhan, the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In the third video, Alex Jones analyses how the outbreak is used by the globalist elite to do a power grab by crashing the economy and erasing our individual rights. A must watch.

Dr Fauci predicts in 2017 that a surprise disease outbreak will challenge the Trump Adminstration…

A very interesting statement here by Dr Fauci back in 2017 at Georgetown University at the «Pandemic Preparedness during the Next Administration» conference. If I were President Trump, I would ask Dr Fauci this: «How the hell did you know that a major disease outbreak would occur during my presidency?» I can’t wait to hear about the answer…