Première entrevue de Maria Zeee avec Rima Laibow: 90% de la population mondiale va périr dû à la vaccination pour la covid-19

Entretien de haut niveau entre Maria Zeee et Rima Laibow sur les conséquences de la vaccination pour la covid-19 et l’agenda de la Grande Réinitialisation. Pour ceux désirant visionner la seconde entrevue avec Rima Laibow qui a suivi celle-ci, veuillez consulter article précédent. À VOIR ABSOLUMENT.

La face cachée du pétrole

Voici un documentaire très bien fait et instructif sur la genèse de l’industrie pétrolière. Au-delà d’une analyse au premier degré que l’on pourrait faire des faits qui sont rapportés ici, une chose est à retenir. Ce que l’on appelle les « révolutions » et les « printemps » des peuples sont rarement en réalité ce qu’ils semblent être. Des intérêts puissants se cachent souvent derrière ces pseudo expressions de la volonté populaire. La patrie ou la religion n’a presque jamais rien à y faire. Comme le démontre ce document, le pétrole a joué et continue de jouer un rôle prépondérant dans la naissance de révolutions, de troubles ou de renversements de régimes de par le monde. Lorsque des perturbations affectent un pays, les intérêts pétroliers ne sont jamais bien loin. Que voulez-vous, c’est comme ça. Tant que l’on aura pas réglé le problème de l’indépendance énergétique, il faudra composer avec. Merci au site fdesouche pour avoir déniché cet excellent documentaire.

La Face Cachée du Pétrole (2/2) : Les grandes... par ReOpen911

Interview with Jules Archer about the 1934 coup attempt to seize the White House

FTR #602 The Plot to Seize the White House: Interview with Jules Archer

Eugenics and the « Green » Movement: Edwin Black’s The War Against The Weak and the Rockefeller Foundation

This radio show by Dave Emory presents the remarkable work of Edwin Black on the eugenics movement and its relationship with Nazi Germany, corporations and the world of scientific research. In a book titled The War Against The Weak, Black makes the case that  Nazi Germany eugenics experimentations were not the result of some delusional madmen in the Third Reich but rather of cold calculations made by mainstream american scientific individuals and companies who would use the Third Reich as a vehicle for advancing the science. The show deals with certain drugs that were produced during the Third Reich era, among them methadone originally called « dolophine » in tribute to Adolf Hitler, and thalidomide. It also touches on Josef Mengele’s research on twins, highlighting the Brazilian town of Candido Godoi where Mengele would experiment in the 1960’s. Before and during the Third Reich regime, the Rockefeller Foundation heavily founded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology in Germany in order to undertake and/or continue eugenics research on twins, among other things, while Auschwitz was the epicenter of eugenics experiments. The fact that this foundation now is heavily involved in so-called environmental groups of all sorts, is certainly preoccupying. If we take into account that the Peak Oil scam is, in itself, a decoy to hide population control interests and maybe even desired implementation of extermination programs, the involvement of a foundation that used to fund eugenics research and that collaborated extensively with the Third Reich is certainly alarming. In effect, if humans produce too much « greenhouse effect » gases, the only way remaining to reduce the overall greenhouse effect could very well be to eliminate large chunks of humans… Could the « Green » movement simply be just another cover to continue eugenics politics? It certainly looks that way for me. The hell with the Green Movement… At this cost, I will take my chances with the pollution. To get acquainted with Edwin Black’s research about IBM and the holocaust, check this post:


Debunking the fifth column, part 2: The Peak Oil scam

In this series of shows, Dave Emory exposes the bogus claims that the world is running out of oil. Underwritten by a group of people with a nazi agenda, this philosophy could very well set the conditions for a massive genocide. In the short term, this theory assures oil corporations enormous profits as prices at the pump explode. In effect, if oil becomes so precious, humanity, or its leaders more accurately, would have to decide who deserves to get food and who doesn’t, food being transported by vans, trucks, trains and boats that use gasoline. « Intelligence » and « studies » that say that the world is running out of oil are phony. We still have hundreds of years of fuel reserves. So check this shows by radio host Dave Emory on the links between the Peak Oil propaganda, fascism and genocide.

FTR #478 The Bush Administration, The Underground Reich and the Peak Oil Controversy

FTR #506 The Road to Lugano, Part II

FTR #534 Peak Oil, Fascism, and Genocide

Uncle Sam and Nazism: The role played by Henry Ford and other industrialists in the rise of the Third Reich

Dave Emory’s For The Record show #511 revisits the broadcast of May 23rd 1980 in which connections between American industrialists and financiers and their German counterparts during WWII were explored. Among many others, the role played by Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford is discussed at considerable length. First, Henry Ford published a very important book that would prove to be instrumental in the rise of both fascism and anti-semitism in Europe, titled The International Jew. Hitler praised Henry Ford for the book, which became the basis of his ideological views on the economy, the nation and on the Jews. It is said that Hitler literally copied several portions of The International Jew and incorporated them into his own book, Mein Kampf, besides being influenced as well by another very important publication of this era, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a fake manifesto describing a worldwide plot by the Jews to take over the world, was written by the Tsarist police to discredit the Bolshevik revolution. Ford financed Hitler considerably and his stature as an industrialist greatly contributed to give Hitler and the Nazis credibility. Hitler eventually awarded him with the Grand Cross of the German Eagle on July 1938. Also, Ford’s son was named on the board of directors of American I.G., the American counterpart of I.G. Farben of Germany, a company that would play a key role for the Reich before and during WWII. Among other things, they are the ones who manufactured the Zyklon-B gas that was used to kill the Jews in concentration camps.

Emory explores the role played by I.G. Farben, German General Electric, United Steel, ITT, the Rockefeller family, the Bush family, Brown Brothers Harriman, Sullivan and Cromwell, and other interests who were ready to work in favor of Germany. A lot of « arrangements » made during WWII between American and German companies and/or subsidiaries. After all, business had to continue despite of the war. For example, the reinsurance sector led to a lot of leakage in intelligence as American insurance companies were reinsuring assets, such as boats about to depart for Europe, in Munich. As the Germans knew in advance what ship would leave on a particular date with a specific cargo, all they had to do was to send submarines along the shores of America and wait for the targetted boats and sink them. Another element that was instrumental in the success of the Third Reich, at least at the beginning of the war, was the technology transfer and licensing being done under the Rockefeller company Standard Oil of New Jersey and General Motors to I.G. Farben, for the fabrication of synthetic oil: the hydrogenation process, iso-octane and tetra-ethyl lead technologies and butyl rubber. It allowed Hitler and the Nazis to go forward with their war plans and proceed with the invasion of Poland and other countries. If that transfer of technology had not happened, WWII would not have occured in the first place.

Uncle Sam and the swastika: 25 years later

9/11: Pearl Harbor Meets the Reichstag Fire

This archive show from anti-fascist researcher and radio personality Dave Emory takes a look at 9/11 on a military and symbolic point of view. Like the title of this show suggests, 9/11 appears to have been engineered, orchestrated and executed by elements of the Underground Reich as a way to draw the United States into a new war, or into the continuation of WWII. Elements faithful to the previous Third Reich infrastructure, along with their domestic enablers and accomplices inside the U.S., have concocted this massive terrorist act in order to draw the U.S. into the Middle East, and at the same time to jeopadize democracy in the U.S., that’s why the metaphor of the Reichstag Fire is employed here. In a nutshell, the fire of the Reichstag, the German Parliament, opened the doors wide open for Hitler, who just got into power a few weeks earlier, to consolidate his grip, obtain supplementary powers and more or less abolish democracy. In all probabilities, the fire was set by the Nazis themselves. Since a couple of decades, the Underground Reich has been busy uniting elements of the Islamic world. The Reich has worked to unite various elements and interests among Sunni, Shia and secular groups and tendencies. The ultimate goal is to get the United States and Britain out of the Middle East to secure the oil reserves for the Underground Reich. To understand the complexities of this « Great Game », as Brzezinski would say, one has to realize that many people in America and in the western world, among the intelligence and political apparatus, play both sides of the fence, like they did before and during WWII. So, whatever side wins this Great Game, having invested on both sides, these Underground Reich elements will win and cash in the profits.

More precisely, the Underground Reich has exploited a vulnerability in our foreign policy toward the Middle East, and now the world is safer…for Saudi Arabia. The Umma, the international community of Muslims, has awaken. In order to do so, the Reich has exploited social and cultural weaknesses that were afflicting Arab/Muslim countries: failed societies, the million of dead in the Iran-Irak War, the millions of Arab/Muslim refugees, the fact that oil doesn’t benefit the local populations, the fact that the war with Israel is in a deadlock and the fact that political reform didn’t bring democracy. As a result, religion became politicized. If yesterday America and the West used to mingle in the internal affairs of other countries overseas, now it is the Arab/Muslim countries that are trying to influence American policies. And they succeed.

FTR #344 Pearl Harbor Meets the Reichstag Fire, Part1

Connecting the dots on Serpent’s Walk: Walking the snake toward fascism

In FTR #335 and FTR #336, Dave Emory continues his analysis of the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk. These podcasts belong in fact to a wider series of shows on 9/11 that could be called, if I may, the « Connecting the Dots Series ». Published by National Vanguard Books, the same publisher as The Turner Diaries, this book is a blueprint for what is to come rather than a novel. Dave Emory begins the analysis of FTR #335 by recalling the links that exist between Osama bin Laden and Ahmed Huber. Director of the bank Al-Taqwa that helped to finance terrorist organizations such as the Hamas and Al-Qaeda, Huber has been instrumental in connecting extremist elements within the Islamic community with what can be described as the Underground Reich, a Third Reich gone underground at the end of WWII. Among others, he befriended luminaries such as François Genoud, Johannes Van Leers, Aya­tol­lah Khomeini, Amin Al-Husseini, Youssef Nada and the Nazi émigré community in Nasser’s Egypt. Then Emory mentions stock market manipulations that happened just before 9/11, such as short selling, reinsurance fraud and other gambits. See this previous post for more details. In that field of research, the case of Larry A. Silverstein remains intriguing. He leased the WTC just before the attacks, during the summer. He was the one who had the more to gain and the less to lose with the attacks. More broadly, FTR #335 makes the connection between the Bormann Capital Network and some of the financial players who seemed to pull the strings behind the curtains, such as GM, UBS and the continuation of the previous I. G. Farben Nazi cartel. The anthrax scare around 9/11 is also brought up.

In FTR #336, Emory begins with the analysis of Timothy McVeigh’s connections to the Middle East. FBI agents with information related to these connections were prevented from testifying at his trial for the Oklahoma City bombing. Second, Emory recalls a series of elements that one has to bear in mind in order to understand the action that occured behind the scenes before 9/11. According to German investigators, some 70.000 terrorist fighters had been trained by Al-Qaeda by the year 2001. Talking about Germany, Emory recalls with great relevancy that laws in that country allow for the investigations of groups and cells who intend specifically to commit acts on German soil but not abroad. Among examples of this permissiveness, the cases of Mohammed Atta living in an appartment in Hamburg, who was surveilled but not arrested, and of an Iranian-owned airfield outside Hamburg where Middle East men learned to fly a plane strike as incompensible. In effect, pre-existing reports were showing that some Iranian airfield outside Hamburg served to smuggle nuclear material to Iran. Was it the same airfield? Finally, we must also not forget that the people who constructed the atomic bomb in Pakistan apparently had sympathies for Al-Qaeda, which kind of give shivers. Emory mentions as well other dimensions of this puzzle, such as the role played by Irak and the Libyan secret service.

‘Wickedleaks’ and the wolf behind the sheeps

For a complete and detailed analysis of the WikiLeaks circus, maze, merry-go-round, roller coaster or whatever, read that wonderful article of fascism studies specialist Dave Emory.