Lana Lokteff s’entretient avec Dimitra, traductrice de l’oeuvre de Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

Les Canadiens-français, le Québec et la langue française face à l’immigration

Alexandre Cormier-Denis analyse les rivalités ethniques au sein du Parti Libéral du Canada, sur Nomos-TV

The ‘safe space’ hysteria and the totalitarianization of Black communities

This is Episode 9 of Flashback Friday on Red Ice TV. I want to draw your attention to a specific portion of this show. From 41:38 to 44:18 minutes, hosts Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff present a short extract from a video showing a discussion about science in a South African classroom. What is going there defies imagination. It is certainly very hilarious at times but it is also very worrying. Young South African Blacks display a total disconnection from reality. In psychological terms, they display characteristics of regression. Their inability to recognize science for what it is and their obsession with what they call ‘decolonization’ speak volume. Throughout the world, Blacks are targeted by a massive propaganda effort to make them reject and hate western and White society and all its values and qualities. South Africa and the United States are certainly two of the worst places. But not only that. In that extract, we can also witness the implementation and the enforcing of the ‘safe space’ mentality. One individual who tried to question and debate what the female speaker was saying, was reminded to respect the ‘rules’ of the safe space, to apologize or leave the classroom if he refused to do so. This is a complete totalitarian nightmare. A real safe space should be safe not only for those who speak but for anyone in the audience to ask questions, reflect on things, doubt, debate, etc. In this extract, we can see that this ‘safe space’ was not safe for the young man who interjected with a personal reflection. And when you see that, then you know you live in a totalitarian community or society.

Entrevue avec Bernard Lugan sur l’Algérie

L’érudit présente ici son dernier livre, Algérie, l’histoire à l’endroit. Précédée d’une capsule sur les Croisades, l’entrevue débute vers les 19:00 minutes. Une des forces du livre de Bernard Lugan est de rappeler aux lecteurs que les populations d’Afrique du Nord en grande majorité ne sont pas des arabes sur le plan ethnique mais bien plutôt des berbères qui ont été arabisés et islamisés de force.