A very strong wall with its four layers between the United States and Mexico

The Trump Administration is getting ready to begin the construction of the wall between the United States and Mexico (some might say that a wall between the United States and Canada would be needed as well but that is a subject for another day…). Also, discussions are going on Capitol Hill about certain programs dealing with immigration and refugees such as DACA for example. In this context, I think it is important to have a complete view and understanding about the problem we are facing and the solutions necessary to solve it. There are four layers to the ‘wall’ the way I see it. First, President Trump wants to build a physical structure between the United States and Mexico, to prevent illegal immigration and the flow of drugs. Good. I support the idea. But we have to realize that the problem is more complex than that. The ‘wall’ as to be understood in a larger manner in order to be effective. The very perspicacious and astute Michael Cutler, a former INS agent, has brought to our attention over the years the question of the ports of entry into the United States. In effect, airports, seaports and border crossings are important vectors of illegal immigration and drug trafficking. So, secondly, unless these ports of entry are secured correctly as well in a way that is satisfactory, the wall will remain insufficient to really protect the country. Also non-physical elements such as programs like E-Verify and others can give a hand to secure the United States. Thirdly, the question of cybersecurity remains central in any security strategy. Since a cyber attack can happen anywhere anytime, the construction of a protective wall must be accompanied by a capable, strong, resilient and effective network of cybersecurity protections, methods and safety mesures in order to support the important investment that will be made in the south of the country. Everybody understands that if a strong border wall is built, invaders and criminals will simply look for weaker spots to attack the United States, physical or cyber.

And fourthly, the question of the virtual or psychological wall is important as well. I think it is the great Chinese military general Sun-Tzu that said that wars are won in the minds before being won on the battlefield. Enemies of the western world know that pretty well, I think. Ideologies have a strong impact on people and they pave the way very often for the quiet conquest of territories. Since a couple of years, we have seen the deployment of islamist militants to impose Shariah Law on our populations. Some have used guns to do it, others have used words. The bottom line is that the ideology of Shariah Supremacism has a strength and a power that is a threat to all western countries and nations. A national security strategy must include that in order to be effective and President Trump seems to be inclined to do just that. Also, ideologies are not the only things that fall under the category of the virtual or psychological. Language is a very potent tool of conquest too. Very often the conqueror will try to suppress the use of the language of the conquered, either at work or in the public space. The slow and progressive diminution of the language in use by a people brings with it the disappearance of the people itself speaking it. It is a very effective way to wipe out a whole nation without using guns or bombs.

Which brings me back to the physical wall…The wall between the United States and Mexico will stop the uncontrolled migration to the United States and Canada of people from around the world but especially from South America. In last years, listening to conservative media in the United States, I heard many times that South Americans, referred to currently as latinos, are creating problems in the many businesses where they work in the United States. We are getting reports that they refuse or can’t speak English there. From what I see here in Canada, it is the same thing. As soon as they reach a certain number of Spanish-speaking employees in one enterprise, they stop speaking English (or French in the Province of Quebec) to use Spanish instead. Some might say that in the era of diversity and multiculturalism it is not a problem. I think it is if we understand the real nature of warfare. The imposition of a language on a people brings about the conquest of this people. This problem has metastasized so much in the United States that certain elected officials have begun to talk openly about making English the official language in certain states of the Union if not in the entire country.

The Province of Quebec has been a precursor in these matters. In 1977, the National Assembly adopter Bill 101 to protect the status of the French language in Quebec and make it both the official language of the province itself and the language of the work place. At the time, it was made specifically to protect the population of Quebec from the imposition of English used by Anglo-Canadians or Americans to operate the conquest of the territory. As you can see, times are changing. Now all western nations see their territory being invaded by foreign and hostile populations, sometimes using violence but some other times using stealthy means such as religion or language. So I beg President Trump, in parallel with the construction of the physical wall, to order the preparation of a bill that would make English the official language of the United States. Our countries face an emergency and strong measures must be put in place to save all our nations with their culture, history and civilization. No need to say that it stands to reason that all nations of the western world should do the same and adopt such a law to protect the language of their national population.

To Make America Great Again starts with a strong wall with its four layers. If it works, the United States will have a very very bright future…in English!

Electronic harassment in the West: A growing national security threat…

Electronic espionage and harassment is becoming a real problem now for the ordinary citizen in the West. In this series of interviews with Frank Calzon on Secure Freedom Radio hosted by Frank Gaffney, the Free Cuba advocate presents what we know so far about the case of sonic harassment that American diplomats may have endured at the American Embassy in Cuba. Allegedly, the Cubans are using some technology involving sound to attack the personnel there. Diplomatic staff at the embassy complain about several health problems, such as headaches, hearing loss, etc. Well, something tells me that it is just the tip of the iceberg. We live surrounded by eletronic waves. In the past, we used to deal only with Hertzian waves but now with all the cellphones, Wi-Fi systems, smart technology devices, etc, we live completely immersed in microwaves 24/7. And that leads to another problem. We know already that EMP technology (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) technology exists and that it is in the hands of the most powerful nations on the planet (USA, Russia, China, North Korea, etc). But so far, we made the assumption that they would use that technology only with large-scale weaponry such as nuclear bombs for example. But what about small-scale miniaturized versions of it, to be used on specific targets, such as individuals?

In that context, I am also providing an interview with former NSA agent Karen Stewart that I have published and commented on this blog last year. In this interview given to Luca Zanna, she talks about her experience at the NSA and the level of harassment that she had to cope with. Specifically, she refers to ‘energy weapons’ that were used apparently to degrade her health and body. While she explains the various details of her ordeal and misfortune, she always takes for granted that the harassment that she was the target of was made by agents of the NSA. But it stands to reason to believe that foreign intelligence services would gladly use these technologies, if they do possess them, on our citizens here in the West, especially on the most brilliant, conscious, astute, capable and brave among us. In other terms, they would gladly use them against our best warriors for freedom in an effort to take them out. Cuba is not a major country. It is a pawn of Russia and China and a friend of North Korea since the communist revolution. So I think that it is fair to assume that they probably do use some sort of sonic, microwave or EMP technology to harass the diplomatic personnel of the USA, at the request, probably, of one or more of their patrons. In the last couple of years I saw a lot people falling ill over here, developing bizarre sicknesses, having accidents of all sorts. Something is wrong. I really think that we are being attacked using various eletronic technologies and that this continuous stream of waves degrades our health and our capability to fight back. Basically, any electronic device using microwaves can be turned against us and while we pretend everything is OK, public health is degrading at a rapid pace. It is a growing national security threat that we have to deal with immediately. In each of the three following links, you will find one interview with Frank Calzon. And don’t forget to listen to the witness account of Karen Stewart in the link provided above.

George Soros and the Red-Green Axis

North Korea: What Are the Military Options?

16 Americans Injured After ‘Sonic Attack’ on Embassy in Havana

Quelques épisodes récents de Red Ice Radio et Radio 3Fourteen

Ces épisodes de Red Ice TV ont retenu mon attention denièrement.

Rachel Summers: Liberals Are Modern Day Witch Hunters

Jason Reza Jorjani: The Iranian Renaissance & Aryan Imperium

Isac Boman: Money Power: Globalism & Economics

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Entrevues avec Mark Helprin et Yoram Ettinger sur Secure Freedom Radio

Ces deux entrevues récentes de Secure Freedom Radio ont retenu mon attention. La première, avec Mark Helprin, s’arrête sur les différents défis qui attendent le Président-élu Donald Trump au niveau de la sécurité nationale. La seconde, avec l’ambassadeur Yoram Ettinger, fait le tour des différents problèmes auxquels fait face l’état d’Israël dans la défense de son territoire face aux djihadistes islamistes et à des organisations internationales, comme l’ONU par exemple, qui encouragent des mouvements de boycott comme le BDS et autres initiatives pour délégitimer Israël.

Mark Helprin sur Secure Freedom Radio

Yoram Ettinger sur Secure Freedom Radio

Entrevue avec Karen Stewart sur son passage à la NSA

Karen Stewart a travaillé à la NSA de 1982 à 2010 lorsqu’elle a été congédiée. Elle offre ici un témoignage troublant sur certaines pratiques douteuses qui auraient eu lieu à la NSA alors qu’elle y travaillait. Les ennuis de Karen Stewart ont commencé le jour où elle s’est plaint que le fruit de son travail à la NSA aurait été subtilisé par des collègues de travail pour être crédité à d’autres. Selon le récit qu’elle donne des événements, elle aurait été la cible dès lors de toutes sortes de pratiques de harcèlement et d’intimidation, allant de la filature, de l’empoisonnement de son animal domestique, de harcèlement de groupe, à l’invasion domiciliaire et à l’installation d’équipements d’écoute électronique dans son appartement. Elle décrit un climat de travail assez complexe dans lequel, notamment, des employés de sexe féminin ciblent des hommes en postes de responsabilité à la NSA afin d’obtenir des faveurs et des promotions. À ce sujet, elle mentionne spécifiquement la « sécurité » de la NSA qui semble jouer un rôle de premier plan dans les pratiques de harcèlement qui s’y dérouleraient. Elle mentionne aussi, de façon plus générale, que la NSA aurait pris la mauvaise habitude de faire du harcèlement électronique sur certains individus en particulier, aux États-Unis et ailleurs dans le monde. Selon elle, 350 000 personnes aux États-Unis feraient l’objet de certaines de ces pratiques. Ce harcèlement électronique prendrait la forme de l’utilisation de certaines « armes à énergie ». Karen Stewart a intenté une poursuite contre la NSA dont la décision est attendue. Pour ma part, je considère cette affaire beaucoup plus significative que l’affaire Snowden. Edward Snowden est tout simplement quelqu’un qui a fait défection pour un autre pays en amenant avec lui des documents classifiés. On a déjà vu ça. Il n’y a rien de nouveau. Par contre, le témoignage de Karen Stewart tend à démontrer qu’il y a un réel problème d’éthique de travail à la NSA que le Président-élu Trump n’aura pas le choix de régler. De toute évidence, un ménage s’impose. Un article récent de Fox News faisait état justement de la recommandation du Directeur du Renseignement National James Clapper et du Secrétaire à la Défense Ashton B. Carter de remplacer Michael S. Rogers à la tête de la NSA. De toute évidence, des choix importants attendent le Président-élu qui auront un impact décisif sur la façon dont le renseignement est accumulé et utilisé pour assurer la défense de nos pays et de notre culture dans le respect des droits des citoyens. Je fournis également un article écrit sur le sujet, en plus de l’entrevue accordée au micro  de Luca Zanna.

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Speaks Candidly About Illegal and Criminal NSA & FBI Programs of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment in the USA & Abroad

Les documentaires ‘Clinton Cash’ et ‘Hillary: The Movie’

Voici deux documentaires que vous devez absolument voir à la veille des élections présidentielles américaines. Il s’agit de Clinton Cash, adapté du livre du même nom de Peter Schweizer, ainsi que Hillary: The Movie, produit par Citizens United en 2008 et prévu pour être présenté juste avant les primaires démocrates cette année-là. Je pourrais énumérer point par point ce qui y est dit mais je voudrais plutôt insister sur ce qui vraiment en jeu ici. À la veille de la commémoration des attentats du 11 septembre 2001, nous devons réfléchir collectivement sur la façon dont nous nous occupons des affaires publiques. Vous verrez dans ces deux documentaires un ensemble d’attitudes, de comportements et de manigances qui, lorsqu’ils proviennent de personnes en hauts postes de responsabilité, ne peuvent qu’entraîner de lourdes conséquences pour la sécurité des personnes, pour la sécurité nationale et pour la santé et la prospérité de leur nation. Les peuples ont besoin de leaders forts, qui ont du cœur, une bonne colonne vertébrale, du courage, pour mener à bien les affaires de l’état et défendre les intérêts du pays. Sinon, des événements tragiques comme le 11 septembre 2001 ne peuvent manquer de se produire. Il est absolument nécessaire que Donald Trump soit élu le 8 novembre prochain, sans quoi les jours des États-Unis et de la civilisation occidentale sont comptés. Je complète ce dossier en vous proposant un court article où l’on apprend que Bill Clinton et la Clinton Foundation ont reçu des montants d’argent importants d’une firme faisant la promotion de la charia, ainsi qu’une entrevue avec Richard Pollock sur Secure Freedom Radio où il est question du scandale de la gestion des courriels de la part d’Hillary Clinton au moment où elle était en poste comme Secrétaire d’État. Bonne écoute.

Bill Clinton Got Millions From World’s Biggest Sharia Law Education Firm

Richard Pollock sur Secure Freedom Radio