Joe Imbriano commente le décès de Anne Heche

Avec beaucoup de perspicacité, Joe Imbriano en vient à la conclusion que l’automobile de Anne Heche a probablement fait l’objet d’une prise de contrôle externe, via la connectivité des services internet et bluetooth. De plus, le fait que Anne Heche essayait de s’extirper de l’enveloppe mortuaire (body bag), comme on peut le voir sur les images captées par les caméras de surveillance, laisse croire qu’on essayait de probablement de lui enlever la vie en fait. Aussi, Anne Heche travaillait depuis quelque temps sur un projet de film exposant le trafic sexuel des enfants. L’ensemble des éléments pointe vers l’exécution pure et simple de Anne Heche. Je joins une vidéo de Greg Reese où il fait la même analyse.

Diffusion d’urgence, sixième partie/Emergency Broadcast, part 6

Ken Pereira analyse les effets de la radiation solaire sur le réseau électrique


Entrevue avec Mike Adams sur la mise en place du Grand Reset

André Pitre analyse la nouvelle Grande Noirceur au Québec à l’ère du Covid-19, sur Le Stu-Dio

Interview with David Icke about the Coronavirus scam, on Infowars

Outstanding interview with David Icke on Infowars about the Coronavirus scam. Virtually 100% of everything he says here is perfectly accurate and true. The power elite on Earth wants to bring in a One World totalitarian government. In order to do so, they launch «operations» that trigger certain responses from governments, peoples, countries, institutions, that allow them to begin to implement that system. 9/11 was such an event, on the security front. Now with the Coronavirus, we have something of a much larger scale going on, on the health and sanitary front. Eventually, in the future, they will launch other operations to continue to implement this agenda until they succeed to bring in that One World government, if they are not stopped in the process. One element that will be essential to get there, is the deployment of a virtual reality, a subreality, in which humans will be caught and unable to escape. For that matter, the Space-X corporation has begun to launch recently a series of low-orbit satellites to, supposedly, provide internet access worldwide. According to Icke, the real goal of this is precisely to install the technological infrastructure for the deployment of this subreality. Unfortunately, the radiation emitted by all these satellites will create an enormous amount of health problems and will be fatal to a lot of creatures and human beings. So the Coronavirus comes very conveniently at the perfect timing to act as a cover for the deployment of this technology. Well done, Mr Icke. Perfectly laid out!

Henrik Palmgren and Patrick Casey comment on the ongoing censorship of patriots on Youtube, on Red Ice TV

The interview with Patrick Casey begins around the 20:00 minute mark. I also suggest an interview with Diana West aired on Secure Freedom Radio where she talks about the dehumanization of patriots and nationalists that is going on right now in the western world, mainly on the internet and in the media.