Chris Holton: Shariah Compliant Finance and Financial Jihad: What America Needs to Know

According to Chris Holton, Shariah compliant finance was created by Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966), an Egyptian poet, literary critic and Muslim Brother. Today, Iran largely dominates Shariah finance. Another important center of Shariah finance is Qatar, with the Qatar Islamic Bank and the Qatar International Islamic Bank leading the way. Shariah finance makes it a duty for the faithful to pay the zakkat, a donation to islamic charities. More than 80 islamic charities actively finance militarized Jihad. And as Wall Street tries to recuperate a part of the vast petro-dollar empire of the Middle East, it tends to look the other way when investors from that part of the world participate in financing western institutions.

Heather Robinson: Iran delivers weapons to Syria through Irak

Interview airs in segment #2.

Fighting the economic war on terror

A little humour on the Palestinian « crisis »: A look at the professional refugees

Hello folks. I was away for a few days on vacation. You see, everybody needs that once in a while, even a Resistant like me. I went to the ocean, trying to relax and forget about the problems of the world and my own at the same time. I couldn’t or so little. Surprised? What can I do. Everything is going down the drain. I would be foolish to behave as if everything was fine. Anyway, a friend shared this video with me and I just thought it would be a terrific way to continue after a week off. It brings some humour to a tragic situation. The « Palestinians », as they are being called, are professional activists. They work for either Iran, Syria or Lebanon, or a combination of them. Their work is to try to destabilize and delegimitize Israel and the Jewish community by spreading anti-semitic propaganda, and we have got to be honest, they are good at it. The problem is, people like me and my friends, don’t buy it. We expose these stooges for what they are, i.e. anti-semites and racists, sometimes fascist or socialist depending. A few days ago, Greece took care of these useful idiots during the aborted Gaza Flotilla 2 departure and I was thrilled. Enjoy the irony, truthfulness and accuracy of this production. Two thumbs up!

While everyone is preoccupied by Syria and Libya…China is reversing back to full communism

© Yobidaba |

Totalitarian ideologies are similar to cockroaches or rats: when you think that you got rid of them, they always come back. Come on, admit it. You thought that communism was defeated, right? Oh, so because the U.S.S.R. had collapsed and with it the Eastern Block, you thought that communism/socialism was over? Do you realize how much you were naive? Ok, listen. I don’t want to be too harsh on you. I know that the clues in sight seemed to indicate that it was the case. But as you can see, it will be a long road before we finally finish the job against communism.

In effect, after a few years during which China seemed to have opened its political and economical systems to allow for free enterprise and western-like initiatives, the country is in a process of returning back to the old communist ways, the ones inspired by Mao. China was never a part of the Eastern Block, they had their own version of communism that allowed them to survive the crash of 1989-1990 when the Berlin Wall came down and the U.S.S.R. broke into pieces. But recently, the dragon of communism made its way back to the hearts of the Chinese and convinced them that it was time to revert to what made Mao’s pride. And so, the “five noes” have been reaffirmed at the National People’s Congress. They lay the path for the years to come and will determine China’s both domestic and foreign policy: « No multi-party elections, no diversity in guiding thought, no separation of powers, no federal system and no privatization ».

With nazism that has gone underground after WWII and that has been active ever since behind the scenes to sabotage our world, with Islamism on the rise and trying to replace western civilization as the dominating system, and now with the revival of communism in China adding more weight and credibility to the socialist-inclined version of Islam put forward by Iran and its Hezbollah spearhead in Lebanon and Syria, you see that we have a lot of job on our hands. It is not a time to be weak. It is a time to be strong. If we don’t resist and fight back, we are going to be assimilated and/or destroyed by one or all of these totalitarian ideologies. It is time to make a stand for democracy, for freedom and for humanity. Resist before it is too late!

For a french interview on the same subject with a specialist of China, Loïc Tassé, click here.

Patricia Adams – Nationalizing China

The problem is Islam – by Wafa Sultan, or how Muhammad created a political system that will destroy the whole world

So, what were we telling you since a couple of years? That it is Islam the problem, not the Arabs per se, not radical Islam, not political Islam, not wahhabism nor anything else. Now these statements, which were qualified as islamophobic, are corroborated by a Muslim woman from Syria. Yes, Islam is the problem. Muhammad, this great individual, was an unliterate. He was a killer and probably a psychopath. He married his second wife when she was 6 years old… Yes, you got me right. He was a pedophile, to express it in western terms. Listen to Wafa Sultan, a Syrian woman, explain how she got tired of Islam and its lies. She calls you to stand up and fight back against this « religion of love and peace » because it might be the greatest threat that the world has ever faced. Islam has a power of corruption never seen before in our world, and unfortunately our leaders seem to be complicit in allowing all these Muslims, who are in fact infiltraters, to come over to America and Europe to pervert and force the local populations into submission. Thank you New World Order, you have screwed us all.

Israel seizes German-owned cargo ship carrying weapons…from Iran

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Israel seized a cargo ship on March 14th in the Mediterranean sea, a few hundreds miles from the shores of the Gaza Strip. The ship was carrying Iranian weapons intended for Palestinian militants in Gaza. The ship set off from Syria, stopped in Turkey before heading toward Egypt. As a reminder, weapons are smuggled from Egypt to the Gaza Strip using a network of underground tunnels. Iran has denied involvement, as it was  to be expected. The incident follows earlier attempts from hostile Arab or Muslim countries to provide weapons to destabilizing or terrorist agents in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. The IHH-sponsored Gaza flotilla incident is a notorious example of that, which was a clear provocation from the part of Turkey.

What is really interesting though is the ownership of the vessel, German… Honestly, who could have guessed? The Third Reich is deploying more and more overt provocations toward Israel. The message is clear: be ready to be wiped out. The anti-Israel sentiment is growing around the world and especially in the Middle East and we can see the wolves and sharks getting closer as they smell the blood of Jews. Frankly, we are governed by psychopaths. If real good people were in charge of the Earth, we wouldn’t see things like that. As a result, the hatred of the Jews will continue as long as humans won’t decide themselves to put these psychopathic killers behind bars or six feet under. If we don’t do that, the human race is doomed for extinction. For more details on the Gaza flotilla and the general context surrounding their shipments, see as well a couple of posts by Dave Emory.




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