Three videos about the scary future of 5G electromagnetic radiation

Three segments of interviews with Roger Stone on Infowars

The three segments are accompanied with an presentation note by Alex Jones.


Discours de Maxime Bernier à Québec, décembre 2018

Je ne suis pas nécessairement d’accord avec tout ce que dit Maxime Bernier mais je trouve sa mentalité, son attitude et son approche rafraîchissantes et stimulantes. Maxime Bernier est un fédéraliste convaincu, ce que je ne suis pas, moi qui suis en faveur de la souveraineté du Québec. Néanmoins, tant que le Québec fera partie du Canada, les souverainistes québécois n’auront d’autres choix que de continuer à s’impliquer dans la politique fédérale, puisque celle-ci a un impact direct sur nos vies. Il est dans l’intérêt des Québécois d’avoir le meilleur homme possible comme Premier Ministre du Canada et Bernier est de loin le meilleur candidat en liste pour les élections de 2019. Entre autres éléments, sa politique favorable au développement de l’industrie pétrolière au Canada lui donne beaucoup de crédibilité. En effet, cela ne prend pas un doctorat en sécurité nationale pour comprendre qu’il est beaucoup plus sécuritaire pour le Canada de consommer et d’exporter le pétrole que l’on trouve ici plutôt que l’importer de pays arabes ou musulmans, qui sont souvent des terroirs générateurs de terroristes. Que dans certaines provinces comme le Québec on préfère le pétrole de l’Algérie ou du Kazakhstan à celui de l’Alberta est complètement dingue, irrationnel et irresponsable. D’ailleurs, à cet égard, il faudrait que l’on arrête de dire que le pétrole de l’Alberta est     «sale». Les Albertains sont des gens respectueux, civilisés et bien élevés, ce qui n’est pas nécessairement le cas des citoyens de bien des pays qui exportent du pétrole. D’autres positions de Bernier me plaisent également, comme celle sur l’immigration. Bref, j’appuie Maxime Bernier et j’espère qu’il deviendra le prochain Premier Ministre du Canada.

DNA researcher James Watson stripped of honors for stating the obvious on Red Ice TV

The father of DNA was stripped of honors recently simply because he said IQ differences exist between races. It is a fact proven by all research and studies. Cultural marxists are pushing to replace reality with their rosy-glass vision of an ideal society where everybody would be equal. What they call ‘equality’ never existed in any society. Humans are very different and unequal from one another, not only between races but also between individuals of the same race. If you take an average ethnic group, you will find individuals with IQ ranging in the ’80s while others will score above 130. The same can be said of animals. Among any species you have a large variety, a large diversity I should say, of individuals with their own characteristics in all domains. If you take the example of cats and dogs, you can’t find two cats or dogs that will be perfectly identical. James Watson is the latest victim in a long string of pioneers, scientists, patriots and nationalists who have been rejected, shamed and destroyed on the altar of political correctness and cultural marxism. And it’s not over.

Alex Jones and Roger Stone discuss the imminent disaster awaiting President Trump

This is only a segment of the whole discussion. To watch the complete thing, go to

Marine Le Pen et François Asselineau se prononcent sur le Traité d’Aix-la-Chapelle

Il y a des odeurs de Régime de Vichy qui émanent de ce traité. Encore une fois, la France se place sous la coupe d’une puissance étrangère. Nous devons résister de toutes nos forces à l’occupation. Vive la République et vive la France!

Pascal Trotta, médecin des Gilets Jaunes

Pascal Trotta, médecin, nous explique pourquoi il soutient les Gilets Jaunes. La vidéo suivante est une émission de télévision organisée par l’Union Populaire Républicaine pour donner la parole aux Gilets Jaunes.

Interview with Andrew Tate about the demonization of masculinity on Infowars

This man is on fire. Andrew Tate advocates for the return of masculine men in western society. Let’s face it: Western men have been emasculated, feminized. The globalist elites of our western countries have deployed a massive effort since the 1960’s to transform the male that was generations ago a masculine and virile being into a puppet, a toy submitted to society and to women. And the trick was played on women too, when these same elites through propaganda and conditioning brainwashed them to become more masculine and dominating. The end result is that now nobody is happy and our societies are collapsing on themselves. Andrew Tate is a very energetic individual. It is to be expected since he is a kickboxer. But he doesn’t stop at fighting into a ring. He also fights on the internet where he is very active. He says that he has been deplatformed from a couple of places but he continues to spread his ideas wherever he can. This interview given to Alex Jones is amazing. That’s the kind of individuals we need to re-energize western men, and also patriots and nationalists who might feel exhausted or overwhelmed by the task at hand of defending our societies while our elites have turned against us. That interview is a five star. Please watch and share!

The ‘safe space’ hysteria and the totalitarianization of Black communities

This is Episode 9 of Flashback Friday on Red Ice TV. I want to draw your attention to a specific portion of this show. From 41:38 to 44:18 minutes, hosts Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff present a short extract from a video showing a discussion about science in a South African classroom. What is going there defies imagination. It is certainly very hilarious at times but it is also very worrying. Young South African Blacks display a total disconnection from reality. In psychological terms, they display characteristics of regression. Their inability to recognize science for what it is and their obsession with what they call ‘decolonization’ speak volume. Throughout the world, Blacks are targeted by a massive propaganda effort to make them reject and hate western and White society and all its values and qualities. South Africa and the United States are certainly two of the worst places. But not only that. In that extract, we can also witness the implementation and the enforcing of the ‘safe space’ mentality. One individual who tried to question and debate what the female speaker was saying, was reminded to respect the ‘rules’ of the safe space, to apologize or leave the classroom if he refused to do so. This is a complete totalitarian nightmare. A real safe space should be safe not only for those who speak but for anyone in the audience to ask questions, reflect on things, doubt, debate, etc. In this extract, we can see that this ‘safe space’ was not safe for the young man who interjected with a personal reflection. And when you see that, then you know you live in a totalitarian community or society.