Sébastien de Crèvecœur et Philippe Plamondon analysent le Projet de Loi 21 de la CAQ

Sébastien de Crèvecœur et Philippe Plamondon de Nomos-TV analysent le Projet de loi n° 21 sur la laïcité de l’État, du gouvernement de la Coalition Avenir Québec. C’est un projet de loi modéré qui se veut rassembleur. Les partisans de la droite politique et de la sphère patriotique et nationaliste en sont sûrement assez déçus mais, comme dit le proverbe, c’est mieux que rien.

David Goldman, Kevin Freeman and Bill Gertz on important issues concerning China and the rest of the world

These interviews presented on Secure Freedom Radio look into some of the hottest topics presently involving Communist China, the United States and the rest of the world. Among other subjects, Huawei’s lawsuit against the U.S. government, the expansion of Huawei and its links with the Chinese government and army, China’s port facilities expansion, the tension in the South China Sea, the trade war between the U.S. and China, the use of american technology to conduct espionage, are discussed. Don’t miss that.

Interview with Sasha Gong about the Chinese communist system on Secure Freedom Radio

François Asselineau analyse la visite du Président Chinois en France

Le Président de l’Union Populaire Républicaine, François Asselineau, dénonce le double discours des élites politiques européennes et du Président Macron en ce qui concerne la Chine. Les élites politiques européennes critiquent vertement la Chine lors de leurs allocutions publiques mais s’empressent de resserrer leur collaboration avec le régime communiste aussitôt qu’ils en ont la chance. Par exemple, la politique européenne de libre circulation des capitaux facilite la prise de contrôle étrangère de certains secteurs de l’économie et des services publics, ce qui permet à la Chine de mettre la main sur plusieurs pans de la société française. Asselineau ne le dit pas ici, mais je crois avec deviné ce qui se passe. Le discours des élites politiques européennes est en fait tout simplement une opération de rhétorique pour rassurer les Américains, pour leur faire croire que l’Union Européenne prend ses distances avec la Chine, alors qu’en fait c’est tout le contraire qui se passe, dans le contexte où la Chine est perçue comme étant la prochaine première puissance mondiale. Lorsqu’on regarde aller le Président Macron, on a l’impression qu’il prend plaisir à s’allier à des gens qui sont très hostiles à la démocratie et aux droits de l’homme, alors qu’il se montre arrogant et belliqueux envers les défenseurs de la liberté et de la patrie. Pour donner un exemple, beaucoup de Gilets Jaunes qui ont manifesté à travers la France ont remarqué que les forces de l’ordre de la République Française visaient les yeux des manifestants avec leur arme. Comme dit le proverbe bien connu, «qui s’assemblent se ressemblent»…

Red Ice TV analysis of the Christchurch shooting

Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff of Red Ice TV present some interesting facts about the recent Christchurch shooting. The analysis and the elements that are brought here differ greatly from the usual nauseating marshmallow that the mainstream media treats us with when something like that happens. When a tragedy occurs it is important to keep an emotional distance and also not to lose sight of the facts and of the context. Instead of bringing on the parade with the candles and the prayer, it is imperative to analyse, reflect and think about what has just happened. Henrik and Lana do exactly that it here for us, while the mainstream media continues to feed the masses with propaganda.

François Asselineau sur les péripéties entourant le Brexit

Le processus devant mener le Royaume-Uni vers la sortie de l’Union Européenne, ce qu’on appelle plus communément le Brexit, est devenu un véritable cirque. Il est évident que les élites politiques anglaises ne veulent pas réellement que le Royaume-Uni quitte l’UE. Ils ne savent plus où donner de la tête tellement le Brexit est devenu une patate chaude et qu’ils ne savent plus comment s’en débarrasser. Le Brexit pourrait avoir lieu soit en avril soit en mai, selon les scénarios. On verra. Pour ce qui est de l’UPR de François Asselineau, le parti avait organisé une célébration à Londres pour la journée où le Brexit était censé avoir lieu, le 29 mars. Cette célébration deviendra plutôt une soirée en appui aux partisans du Brexit et servira également à souligner les 12 ans de l’UPR.

Interview with Tom Rowsell about Indo-European civilization

La prière du dimanche. Conference d’Andrew Collins: Beneath the Pyramids & The Cygnus Star-Gate

Andrew Collins is one of the leading modern researchers on the Giza Plateau and its significance. Among the many people who came forward with theories and original explanations regarding the Great Pyramid and the Giza Plateau as a whole, he belongs in a category of his own. After a few trips to Egypt to do research on the ground at the Giza Plateau, he discovered some kind of entrance to a cave under the Plateau while taking a look inside the Tomb of the Birds, one of the buildings of the site. Accompanied by his wife, he began going down the cave but couldn’t go very far due to poor lightning, bugs and the dimension of the tube. To make a long story short, when he came back several months later to continue research, the opening to the cave had been sealed by proper authorities to protect the site. Since then, Andrew Collins has been very active in sharing his experiences with the public, both in writing and speeches, to make the people aware of this great discovery. In effect, the presence of a cave under the Giza Plateau and its three pyramids could be the proof that psychic Edgar Cayce was right and that maybe what is called the ‘Hall of Records’ is there to be found effectively. But that’s not all. According to the various clues and evidence Andrew Collins could gather and put together, the three pyramids of Giza would be oriented toward, not the stars of the Constellation of Orion as researchers Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval and their colleagues have speculated, but rather the stars of the Constellation of Cygnus. In this presentation, you will be able to see the evidence and the clues on which Andrew Collins relies to say that. It is a matter of personal choice whether you choose to trust either Andrew Collins’ instincts on the subject or Hancock’s and Bauval’s instead.

Anyway, that is a fascinating topic and there is no doubt that the discovery of a cave under the Giza Plateau is one of the most important archaeological event of the last thousand years. On that specific point, Collins recalls that he had a few tribulations with the man in charge of the Giza Plateau, Zahi Hawass. The way Egyptian authorities react to new discoveries and to the fact that their authority is challenged is almost comical. Of course these people are defending their jobs and their positions but it is not only that. They are also defending the official version of history, the narrative that has been pushed by mainstream science and archeology about the pyramids for centuries: «they are just a few ‘tombs’». If there is anything that is clear while reviewing Andrew Collins’ research is that the pyramids of Giza are not just a few ‘tombs’. They are part of an extraordinary site that we are just beginning to explore. I bet that it is the very nature of human culture and civilization that we will discover if we are allowed to continue the exploration of this cave underground. I also join an article from Andrew Collins’ website that details the information presented in this conference.

If you want to do further research on the subject, besides watching other conferences of Andrew Collins on the web, you can listen to these two-hour interviews he gave on the airwaves of Red Ice Radio in 2010, down below. In order to access the material though you need to be a subscriber. Please folks, take the time to review this astonishing material that could potentially rewrite as a whole what we call ‘history’.


Beneath The Pyramids, Giza Cave System Rediscovered, Egypt’s Underworld

Giza’s Cave Underworld Update & The Cygnus Mystery Linked to Giza’s Underworld